T3MA Bellevue Freeze/Cancel Form

  • Purpose: A membership can be Frozen for up to 3 months which enables the client to retain the current membership pricing. The client will not be billed during the Freeze dates and any remaining days on their billing cycle will be applied when the account is re-activated. A membership can also be cancelled with 14 days’ notice prior to the billing date (otherwise cancellation will occur on the following month). There are no cancellation fees and the client can renew a membership at any time (at the current membership rate). Freeze your Auto Pay: Freezing your Auto Pay enables you to keep your current membership pricing if you are unable to attend classes due to vacation, illness, or other. To freeze your auto pay, complete this form and submit via email or in person at least 14 days in advance of your next billing date in order for your request to be effective for the following month. Students enrolled in the monthly auto renew membership may elect to freeze their auto pay charges once per year according to the policy below: a) You can freeze your auto pay schedule once per year. The freeze is activated at the start of the next billing cycle and can be requested in monthly increments for up to 3 months. b) To request the freeze, complete a freeze request form at the front desk or from our website and submit it via email or in person to the front desk. c) Following the end of your requested freeze period, your monthly auto-renew will automatically be reactivated. Cancel your Membership: A completed membership cancellation form must be received at least 14 days in advance of your billing cycle (example: if you are scheduled to be charged February 14th and you want to cancel for the month of February, you must submit a cancellation form to us by February 1st). The auto pay cancellation form is available at the front desk or from our website and must be submitted in person or via email.
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